Roof-related issues are common, especially after a major storm comes through.

High Mark is here for you. Not only can we help with the repairs after a storm, but our team will take immediate steps to keep the elements from entering your home or business to prevent further damages!

Stevensville, MD

Severe storms can damage your roof and cause water to get trapped, making it the perfect environment for mold to grow. This home's roof was missing shingles and had mold growing where a storm had caused serious damage. We effectively replaced the roof with CertainTeed shingles in burnt sienna for a finished project that was mold-free and good as new!

Bel Air, MD

This home in Bel Air, MD had its roof torn off from a severe storm. Our team was able to have the roof fully replaced with Weathered Wood colored CertainTeed architectural shingles in just one day with no hassle to the homeowner. It was done by the time they got home from work. Our team knows how important time and efficiency are in these situations and we were able to get the job done in one day, so no further damage could occur and the homeowner was worry-free.

Stevensville, MD

This home in Stevensville, MD had an outdated roof with 3-tab shingles in need of replacement. Our team was able to get the entire roof replaced with new CertainTeed Landmark Shingles that have a higher wind rating, making it less susceptible to future wind and storm damage. The entire roof replacement was completed in only a week and two days.

Abingdon, MD

This was a 2,500 sq/ft roof replacement. Our team worked closely with the homeowner to ensure the project was performed to his satisfaction. Our installation team was able to complete the roof replacement in one day and on time to ensure no additional hassle to the homeowner.

Havre De Grace, MD

The roof damage and missing shingles on this home were left untreated which lead to long-term interior damage and green algae build-up, which can be seen in the before picture. We fixed this roof using charcoal black CertainTeed shingles before the damage could reach the home's interior! Not only were we able to preserve the interior of the home, but we gave this home's curb appeal a boost.

Abingdon, MD

Our team inspected this home and found that the roof had missing and creased shingles. There was interior damage to the master bedroom as a result of the damaged roof. Our team was able to replace the roof using Weatherwood colored CertainTeed shingles to match the original color and look, as well as fix the interior damage in the same week. Our team provided quality craftsmanship and personal service throughout the duration of the project.

Forest Hill, MD

This home in Forst Hill, MD suffered severe storm and wind damage to the roof. We were able to replace the entire roof of the home. We worked with the homeowner's insurance provider, so they wouldn’t have to and out of the full contract price of $44,592.36 the homeowner only had to pay their deductible.

Catonsville, MD

The High Mark crew worked quickly & diligently to tare off two layers of shingles, going as far down as the decking. We installed Weathered Wood CertainTeed shingles which had an ice and water shield applied to them. Additionally, our crew replaced over 95 sheets of rotten plywood to make the building safe and protected. The team completed 220 squares in 4 days, incredible!