Windows, sometimes we take them for granted. That is until they fail and start to let in the elements. Then these loved features that light up our lives, become a point of disdain.

That’s where High Mark Construction comes to the rescue.

The replacement of your old windows serves several purposes. First and foremost, it’s a protection against the elements. Beyond that, modern multi-paned windows can cut down on energy costs by as much as fifteen percent as well as cutting down on noise! Keeping your home comfortable and quiet.

Also, attractive windows are instrumental to the appearance of a house and “curb appeal.” Whether just upgrading for your own enjoyment and peace of mind or preparing the home for sale, windows go a long way towards an upgrade.

Our team will assist in making the right decisions for you and your space to best meet your goals. We will explain all the different options and material options for your new windows including vinyl, aluminum, and composites. We are also willing and able to answer any questions you might have.

High Mark can also show you ways to protect your house from the elements and lower your heating bills with special glass treatments that will help keep the inside of your home at the perfect climate level.

We can also handle the installation or replacement of skylights, specialty windows and even shutters for appearance and weather safety.

Commercial and business projects require different standards depending on the type of building and city code. High Mark is ready for either and knows how to navigate you through your options. Together we will work with you to design the perfect window plan for your business. High Mark has you covered!