Common Types of Storm Damage Impacting Your Home’s Exterior

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When a storm passes through, it is normal to fear for the safety of your home’s integrity and the safety of your family. A gust of wind can shake a tree branch free, and your roof’s shingles could pay for it. Your siding can be peppered with tiny dents from raging hail. A heavy blanket of snow on your roof could lead to damaging leaks that can impact the interior of your home.

With so many ways your home could take a hit from even a common rainstorm, it’s important to have a team on your side who has got your back when these things happen. Luckily, insurance can cover storm damage which means that the home repairs that you thought would drastically impact your wallet can happen by just paying your deductible! Here, the storm damage repair professionals at High Mark Construction go over the most common types of storm damage that can impact your home’s exterior and how our rescue team can help restore your home through your insurance policy.

Wind Can Damage Your Roof and Siding

Tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, snowstorms… almost all types of storms we experience in the Mid-Atlantic use wind as their weapon of choice. Heavy winds brought by fierce storms can ruin your roof, loosening or ripping the shingles off and impairing its ability to protect your home from the elements. Strong winds can also cause branches or debris to strike your home’s siding and roof, which can cause denting or even full-blown holes in your exterior. Intense winds brought on with severe storms have even been known to rip siding entirely off of homes!

Heavy Snow May Weigh Down Your Roof

We all know how winter in Maryland can be. We all know how winter in Maryland can be. Even just one heavy snowstorm can easily be enough weight to crush or damage your roof or siding. Even hardened ice on your roof that does not cause your roof to crack may impact your home’s drainage system and snowball into even more damage that can be a headache to deal with. The perfect pair of heavy snow and freezing temperatures can also cause ice dams, which trap water between your roof and heavy ice, which can lead to leaking, mold and mildew.

Excess Rain Can Cause Leaks

We all know someone who had had to renovate their entire basement after a particularly torrential downpour (maybe that was even you!). However, many homeowners may not know that heavy rain can wear on your roof. Shingles can become susceptible to weakening and breaking if you experience excessive rain for a duration of time that your roof may not be equipped for. When shingles warp or break as a result of excess rain, water can find its way into your home.

Hail Can Cause Denting in Your Exterior

Hail isn’t just a threat to your car’s shiny exterior paint. Hail can dent or crack the siding of your home or the shingles on your roof. Hail pellets can seriously damage your exterior, and any denting or holes they leave behind can make your home vulnerable to the elements. Even the smallest damage from hail can mean a nightmare for the interior of your home.

High Mark Construction Has Got Your Back

At High Mark Construction, we know how frustrated and downright helpless you can feel when your home has exterior storm damage. That is why we got into the business of helping homeowners and families get their house back to its original condition. Our storm damage repair services are covered by insurance, which means you can have peace of mind when you recruit us to restore your home. To learn more about types of storm damage to look out for so you can stay proactive, or if you’d like to schedule a free, no-strings-attached consultation with our team, contact High Mark Construction today.