There was a time when the only option for the outside of your home was a new coat of paint on real wood. Times have changed and technology has driven a range of new products.

Now, the options are nearly limitless.

From classic wooden siding to aluminum, stucco, composites and the versatile and attractive vinyl siding, High Mark Construction will work with you to not only find the right type of siding for your house but find the look that you love.
High Mark can also help with treatment and repair of old siding and rust, rot and damaged spots!

Our trained experts will help guide you through the decisions of what is right for you and your home. Discussion of the look you want, the location, the age and style of the house, how much maintenance you as a home or business owner want to deal with is an important part of the decision process. We are happy to walk through that with you, to ensure we can make your visions a reality.

We also have full options for commercial properties. Working with you as a business owner, High Mark will show you the best possibilities for your business and budget and help the process move smoothly so there will be minimal disruptions to your workplace.

Gone are the days having few options. With an almost unlimited number of combinations and choices, High Mark Construction can not only help you protect your structure for years to come but also get the look that you want.