Window Repair

A major storm caused damage to your windows, and now you have leaks every time it rains and a draft that threatens your utility bill.

That’s where High Mark Construction comes to the rescue. Don't pay out of pocket for costly home repairs. Our team will save the day at no cost to you!

Olney, MD

This home in Onley, MD suffered severe storm and wind damage, including broken windows and damage to the roof. We were able to replace all of the damaged windows and the entire roof of the home. We worked with the homeowner's insurance provider, so they wouldn’t have to and out of the full contract price of $44,592.36 the homeowner only had to pay their deductible.

Stevensville, MD

This home in Stevensville, MD experienced severe cracking in its window seals. This allowed cold air and water to leak into the property. Our team was able to replace the windows and seals. This gave the home a fresh new curb appeal and improved its energy efficiency with the new air tight seals.

Olney, MD

This home in Olney, MD suffered severe damage to its windows. Our team was able to assess the damage and replace all of the windows of the home and the seals to ensure there are no airflow issues down the road.