The High Mark Construction Way

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When you put the integrity of your household in someone else’s hands, it can be an intimidating decision. “Where do I start? Can I really trust these people to quote me correctly? Will they suggest the right way of fixing the problem or will it have to be fixed again next year?” It can be scary to place your trust in a construction company and difficult to know that the safety of your home and, most importantly, your loved ones living in that home, will be made a priority. 

With so many other companies jumping at the first chance to take your money, High Mark Construction wants you to know that we are on your side from start to finish. Here, the professionals at High Mark Construction explain how we work with you and your insurance company to make sure you have a smooth and stress-free experience when repairing your home’s exterior. 

The First Sign of Damage

As much as you might want to say, “it will never happen to me,” there may come a time when your home’s roofing or siding needs repairs or upgrades after a storm passes through. However, because this is not a frequent occurrence, many people don’t know where to start once it happens. At High Mark Construction, homeowners can inquire online or call to schedule a free home inspection to get started without any commitments. At the time of your inspection, our team will take photos of the damage and discuss your options and recommendations for next steps. 

We Will Fight For You

Knowing who you can trust when going through this process is crucial. Once you decide to undergo the repairs, you will need to contact your insurance to file a claim. At High Mark, we want to take as much of the burden off of your shoulders as possible and handle all of the logistics so you don’t have to. Once you file your claim, an adjuster will write up an estimate and whether or not it may need supplementing. High Mark is on your side through this process, and it is our job to make sure that you are not paying more than you should be. We know that dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, so, after the claim has been filed, we will take it from there! We will shoulder that stress by becoming the middleman throughout the entire process. 

The Next (Fun) Part

Once the paperwork and logistics are settled between High Mark and the insurance company, it’s time for the fun part. We will schedule a time for your installations to be completed while you sit down with your project manager to go through your options. Homeowners will get to pick their color preferences, see different modernized looks and choose various materials based on safety features. Once you have settled on your specifics, the experts will get to work. 

Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We can almost guarantee that your repairs will be done within the same day (extenuating circumstances such as the need to order specialized products or weather making installations dangerous sometimes do occur, but not frequently). You’ll leave for work in the morning with a damaged home, and you will be pleased to return to your home in the evening with the installations finished. Our number one priority at High Mark is that our customers are satisfied with the job. To make sure of this, one of our trained construction managers will return to your home after the job is complete to check in with you and make sure there is no debris left behind, and that you are pleased with the work. 

When all is said and done, you will be presented with a Certificate Of Satisfaction. This certificate is very important for us because if you aren’t pleased with our work, our job isn’t over yet. High Mark will not complete the last payment transaction you sign the certificate indicating your satisfaction with our work. Your happiness is our top priority!

High Mark Construction Is On Your Side

At High Mark Construction, we know how defeating it can feel when your home may need roofing or siding repairs and you aren’t sure where to turn. Rest assured, we pride ourselves in having your back from start to finish and making your happiness a top priority. To learn more about the High Mark Construction process or to schedule a free consultation with our team, contact High Mark Construction today.