What Storm Damage is Covered by Insurance and How?

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When the exterior of your home suffers damage during a storm, it’s tough to know where to start in the process of getting the damage fixed. Does your homeowner’s insurance cover storm damage? What exactly will be covered? How much will it cost? It is important to know what types of damage your insurance covers and whether you will be required to pay out of pocket for the storm damage to your home. Here, the Maryland roofing experts at High Mark Construction explain what types of storm damage are covered by homeowners insurance and how you can ensure you are being properly compensated by your insurance company.

Understanding Insurance Coverage on Storm Damage and “Acts of God” Events

An act of God in the insurance realm refers to an event, generally a natural disaster such as a flood or severe storm, that causes damage to a home that is out of the homeowner’s control. During these events, many insurance companies adjust their policies to lessen or remove coverage that resulted in damages to your home. Homeowners insurance varies based on the policy you have, but standard homeowners policies cover certain damage due to rain, wind or hail. It is less common for homeowners policies to cover natural disasters such as floods, and with Maryland’s coastal location and consistently fluctuating weather, knowing your specific coverage is vital. Additionally, homeowners insurance is commonly split into HO-3, HO-2 and HO-1 policies. HO-3 policies cover almost all damages unless specifically excluded, whereas HO-2 and HO-1 policies only cover specifically what is stated in the initial policy, and nothing more. If you are unsure about how to proceed after a natural disaster or storm damage to your home occurs, seek the help of a qualified construction and insurance mediation team, such as those at High Mark Construction to assist you through the process. 

What Initial Steps You Should Take After Storm Damage to Your Home 

When a severe storm happens and you suffer damage to your home, it can be difficult to gather your thoughts and establish a proactive strategy to get your home fixed safely. Storm damage can have a large impact on your home, and it is likely that you are looking to get the damage repaired as fast as possible. However, it is important to take the proper steps and precautions to ensure that you are getting high-quality repairs to your home, and are being compensated properly by your insurance company. The first step is to examine your home for common signs of damage directly after a storm. Additionally, be sure to take as many pictures as possible to showcase the full extent of the damage to your home. Contact your insurance company immediately, and be sure to keep any records and documents exchanged between you and other relevant parties. This will help streamline the insurance claim process, facilitate expedited repair of your home, and serve as a needed tool in the event of a disagreement or potential litigation. 

High Mark Construction Can Make the Insurance Claim Process Easier for You

When you put the integrity of your household in someone else’s hands, it can be an intimidating decision. At High Mark Construction, we prioritize the highest quality craftsmanship through attention to detail, open communication and unparalleled customer service. We work directly with insurance companies and offer no-strings-attached inspections so you can feel good about kicking off your home repairs without worrying about additional costs on top of your insurance deductible. Our skilled general contractors have decades of experience assisting homeowners who have suffered from severe storm damage, and will not stop until we exceed our client’s expectations. To learn more about how High Mark Construction can assist you, contact our office today.