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Summer Storm Proof: How to Safeguard Your Home's Exterior.

Summer storms can be unpredictable and powerful, causing significant damage to homes if proper precautions aren’t taken. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to prepare your home’s exterior to withstand the high winds, heavy rains, and hail that often accompany these storms.

At High Mark Construction, we understand the importance of safeguarding your property against the elements. Our expert team is here to provide you with essential tips and services to ensure your home remains secure and resilient throughout the stormy season.

Securing Loose Shingles

Loose shingles pose a serious threat during summer storms, as high winds can easily lift and tear them away, exposing your roof to potential water damage. 

When it comes to securing loose shingles, the type of roofing material you choose plays a critical role in its durability during storms. We always recommend an architectural asphalt shingle as the top storm-resistant roofing option. 

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material due to their affordability and durability. Opt for shingles with a high wind resistance rating to withstand strong winds and hail.

At High Mark Construction, we specialize in storm-resistant roofing solutions that can withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring your home stays protected. Check out how we’ve got you covered, Storm Restoration Maryland – High Mark Construction

Next Steps

One of our experts explains what we look for during a FREE Inspection: “Shingles that have already become unsealed and when there are gusts of wind, the shingles start flapping, making them crease and loss of granules. Essentially affecting the water shedding capability of the shingles and the longevity of the shingles”. – Ed Mcmullen,

To secure loose shingles, start by inspecting your roof for any that are damaged or missing. Properly nail down any loose shingles and use roofing cement for added security.

If you’re unsure about the condition of your roof, it’s always a good idea to schedule a professional roof inspection.

Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters

Clean gutters are essential for preventing water overflow and damage during heavy summer rains. Clogged gutters can lead to water pooling around your foundation, causing structural issues over time.

Best Times for Gutter Cleaning: Clean gutters at least twice a year, ideally in late spring and early fall, to remove debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt. Regular cleaning ensures proper water flow and prevents clogs that can lead to overflow and water damage.

Signs of Gutter Damage: Look for signs of gutter damage such as sagging, rust spots, leaks, and detached or misaligned sections. Addressing these issues promptly prevents further damage to your home’s foundation and siding.

How To Clean Gutters

  • Remove debris by hand or with a gutter scoop
  • Use a garden hose to flush out remaining dirt
  • Check for leaks and repair as needed

Inspecting and Reinforcing Siding

Inspecting your siding is crucial to identify any cracks, gaps, or loose panels that could worsen during a storm. 

Walk around your home and conduct a visual inspection of the siding, paying close attention to areas that might be vulnerable. 

Look for signs such as discoloration, peeling paint, moisture stains, or mold growth on siding. These indicators suggest underlying issues that need to be addressed promptly.

Repair or replace any damaged sections and use caulk to seal gaps and prevent water infiltration. Consider upgrading to impact-resistant siding for added protection.

At High Mark Construction, we provide top-quality siding repair and replacement services, ensuring your home is well-protected against storm damage.

Scheduling regular maintenance checks can help prevent the severity of repairs or replacements.

Additional Exterior Preparations

Beyond securing your roof, gutters, and siding, there are additional steps you can take to prepare your home’s exterior for summer storms. 

  1. Secure outdoor furniture and decor by bringing them indoors or tying them down to prevent them from becoming dangerous projectiles. 
  2. Trim trees and shrubs to remove dead branches and reduce the risk of limbs falling on your home. 
  3. Reinforce windows and doors by installing storm shutters or using plywood for protection, and ensure doors are properly sealed and locked. 

Refer to the FEMA guide, Tips to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season | for more tips!

High Mark Construction can assist you with these preparations, providing expert advice and services to enhance your home’s storm resilience.

At High Mark Construction, we are dedicated to helping you protect your property and provide peace of mind during the summer storm season. Our experienced professionals are ready to assist with inspections, repairs, and improvements tailored to your needs. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you storm-proof your home effectively and efficiently. — schedule a free roof inspection today.

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