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A Win in Harford County.

It all started when the homeowner noticed wet spots on the ceiling. That’s a common sight that alerts a homeowner that something isn’t right. It usually means that water is getting somewhere it’s not supposed to be and can cause a lot of anxiety and concern. Immediately, you may start adding up the possible costs and time it would take to find and repair the issue. That added stress is something every homeowner dreads. For this particular homeowner, it was a sign of roof damage.

Water spots on the ceiling usually become apparent after a heavy rain. That could point to any number of possible culprits, including degraded shingles or damaged chimney flashing – the waterproof seal that protects your roof from water penetration. So the first thing this Abingdon, MD homeowner did was call her insurance company. However, that call didn’t quite go as planned.

Initially, the insurance company agreed to paint the ceiling, which doesn’t actually address the underlying damage at all. It was their position that the damage was mechanical in nature and therefore, they wouldn’t cover the costs. Her next call was to High Mark Construction.

Once we got involved, we were able to thoroughly assess the damage and take the hassle of communicating with the insurance company out of our homeowner’s hands. We maintain great relationships with many insurance providers and understand how to speak their language and exactly what they’re looking for when making coverage decisions. It took about two months, but we remained steadfast in our dedication to seeking the correct coverage. Based on our evidence, we were able to convince her insurance company that our homeowner had experienced significant exterior damage and to switch their position on her coverage.

In the end, we delivered a complete roof replacement in addition to siding and gutter repairs, and interior painting and drywall. We completed the work in less than a week, finishing the entire roof installation in one day. We were also able to secure complete coverage for the entire cost of the roof, which adds up to thousands in savings.

The breakdown:

  • Brand: Owens Corning
  • Shingle Color: Onyx Black
  • Siding: Sterling Gray
  • Gutters: 6 inch Seamless

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