Don’t let storms wreck your bank account as well.

Affordable Restoration & Remodeling Options

There is only one person who has the best vision of how your home should look. That person is you.

Whether you have suffered damage from a storm or perhaps it’s simply time to upgrade your house, the team at High Mark Construction knows your journey well.

High Mark Construction is here to help that vision become a reality. With over 30 years of construction experience, we will assist you and help navigate the process of restoration and renovation.

From the first design steps through the final walkthrough, High Mark Construction works closely with homeowners on every part of the process including insurance company paperwork, material decisions, and designs, all the way through construction. Our highly trained team has the ultimate goal of making the process as concise and stressfree as possible for you.

If it’s a commercial property, it’s no different. Your livelihood is in danger and you need to get back to the status quo as soon as you can. High Mark Construction understands and we will work closely with you to get your business back up to peak capacity ASAP.

As High Mark Construction renovates and repairs your home or business, you will always be aware of what is going on and how the process is moving forward. No secrets, no hidden costs or fees. Complete transparency from beginning to end.

Whether it’s siding, gutters, roofing, basic construction or a complete remodel, High Mark Construction has the experience, the knowledge and the skills to bring your vision of your home to reality.

So let us show you what High Mark Construction can do for you.

Michelle B.

I was so impressed with the professionalism of everyone at High Mark. From the girl who answered the phone the first time I called, to the project manager Matt, all the way to the workers who completed the construction on my

Thom A.

High Marks for High Mark! My friend told me about his positive experience dealing with HMC, so I expected good things. I was shocked at the professionalism and transparency I experienced. The project manager told me exactly

Rachael K.

Thank you, High Mark Construction for my brand new roof and siding. I was very nervous about dealing with my insurance company because I had never placed a claim for my home before. Randy sat right next to me to help me