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Big transformation on roof of large house

Big Transformation for North East Home.


Big transformation on roof of large house

Two Roofing Crews + Large Siding Crew

All hands have been on deck for a large-scale home restoration project in North East, MD. The work, still in progress, has required the coordination of two roofing crews and a large siding team to work side-by-side to accomplish the mission.

Construction Manager, RG Keenan remarked on the size of the home and the measure of materials necessary to not only restore, but completely upgrade, the entire exterior of the home following recent storm damage. “This project required 100 squares of deluxe asphalt shingles and 150 squares of premium siding, 4 times the amount typical for the average home. We’ve worked closely with the homeowners to help them choose the right materials and the most appropriate colors to suit their discerning tastes.”

The project landed on our radar when the homeowners came upon RG at the site of a large commercial restoration project in Havre de Grace, MD. They were already in talks with a different contractor but chose High Mark Construction after RG’s visit to their property and his diligence in helping guide them to make the best decisions for their home. Before High Mark Construction got started, RG spent two months planning with the homeowners, deciding on colors and going through all design considerations.

To coordinate this massive effort, Production Manager, Matt Olesky orchestrated a masterful game plan for organizing and scheduling the timeline and crews. He also managed all material orders and ensured that everything was in place when necessary. RG referred to Matt as “the quarterback of the whole project.”

Matt realized that two teams working together would be the best way to complete the work in a timely fashion. And while several days of rain and frigid temperatures have caused delays, we were still able to complete the roof replacement in two days, while being well on our way to completely finishing the large volume of siding replacement along with pvc trim around the home’s doors and windows.

“The homeowners are loving the progress,” said RG. He continues to meet with them several times each week to ensure their comfort and satisfaction throughout the project. “The crews are out there on a daily basis and, because of the storm damage suffered earlier this year, the homeowners’ insurance company covered the costs of the entire project.”

The Breakdown:

  • Certainteed Grand Manor Asphalt Shingles
  • Certainteed Cedar Impressions Siding

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