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damaged roof

Making Things Whole in Churchville


damaged roof

On July 12, a massive storm made its way through Maryland.

The storm caused an array of destruction to homes and other property. There were reports of hail and even tornado sightings in the area. It left many property owners scrambling to figure out how to deal with the damage, including a homeowner in Churchville, MD who found a downed tree resting across the top of his garage.

The homeowner reached out to a coworker for advice about who he should contact for help. His coworker recalled the name of the company who had come to his aid with a new roof on his own home. That’s where we came in. With a call to High Mark Construction, we were able to start the process of making his home whole again. Our Executive Project Manager, Ed McMullen took the helm of this project.

“When he was distressed, his coworker said, ‘call Ed,’ and I took care of it,” he said. Ed went out to the property and spent an hour assessing the full scope of the damage alongside the homeowner’s insurance company adjuster. Ed said that he “definitely noticed the tree in the house” amongst examining all other subsequent damage to the property.

Initially, the homeowner’s insurance company approved the roof replacement but there were other items in the initial estimate that still needed to be addressed. Ed went the extra mile to ensure that the homeowner received all of the necessary work for his home. In addition to a new roof, there was also gutter and interior damage that needed to be addressed, as well. With Ed’s experience working with insurance agencies, he was able to save the homeowner about fifty thousand dollars.

“He was pretty grateful,” Ed said of the homeowner. “He’s a great individual with a good heart.” The full scope of the work included a full roof replacement, replacement skylights, and gutters. “The only thing he had to do was pick out a shingle color,” said Ed.

The Single Breakdown:

Brand: Owens Corning | Style: Duration™ Series Shingles | Color: Estate Grey

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