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spring home maintenance tips

Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring.

spring home maintenance tips


The Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring is upon us, and the change of the season is a great time to make sure our homes are in tip-top shape. We know that with the winter came freezing temperatures as well as ice and snow. With all of that, the exterior of our homes could have taken on a lot of damage. The milder weather provides the perfect opportunity to get outside to check on the state of things. Here are the top ten home maintenance tips for spring.

1. Inspect Your Roof

At the top of our list is a roof inspection. Although everything may look great from the ground, there could be smaller issues that need some attention. A missing shingle here or some blistering there could lead to leaking and even bigger issues down the road. We’re not suggesting you get up on a ladder and try this yourself. Send us a message for a free inspection, today.

2. Clear Your Gutters

According to, the spring months see an average of 31 days of rain in the Mid-Atlantic. With that amount of water beating down on your home, it’s important that your gutters are clear and in working condition. Moving the water away from your home also improves the longevity of your foundation and siding.

3. Check Your Siding

Speaking of your residential siding, it’s one of the most important elements for the protection of your home. When there are cracks, gaps, or rotting, all kinds of moisture and debris will find its way inside. Here at High Mark Construction, we conduct a full inspection of your siding free of charge to check for signs of damage and offer recommendations.

4. Inspect Your Frames

That includes both windows and doors. As you know, the consistent moisture from the ice and rain of winter could have caused some serious damage to your window frames and to your wooden doors. The damage could allow air and moisture seepage, which leads to higher bills and even drywall damage.

5. Tidy Up the Yard

While you’re outside, you’ll notice the grass starting to grow and the leaves returning to your trees. It’s the perfect time to begin tending to your landscaping again. Whether that means cleaning your concrete driveway or planting new perennials, you’ll find the weather is perfect for some weekend yard work.

6. Replace Those HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system is central to the year-round comfort of your home. With dirty filters, your cooling and heating systems will be stressed to the max and not operate as efficiently as they should. Replacing your HVAC filters circulates clean air through your home and allows them to work their best.

7. Check Your AC Unit

While you’re changing your HVAC filters, give your AC unit a check. Now that the temperatures are starting to warm up, you’ll want to know that your air conditioner is working properly. Remove debris from your exterior unit and, if necessary, call the pros for an expert opinion.

8. Clear Your Dryer Vent

It’s a task that’s easy to forget, but clearing your dryer vent isn’t just great for the operation of your dryer, but for the safety of your home. Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard and should be cleaned regularly, either using your hands or a vacuum attachment.

9. Inspect Your Windows

We’ve talked about your window and door frames, but it’s important to also check your windows themselves. Here at High Mark Construction, we know the importance of well-maintained windows for water penetration resistance and reduced air filtration.

10. Change Those Smoke Detector Batteries

Spring and the beginning of daylight-saving time are the traditional reminders to change your smoke detector batteries. While you’re working on your home maintenance for spring, don’t forget to switch those batteries so that your home will remain protected from fire for the upcoming season.

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