Gutter Repair

The Mid-Atlantic region sees damaging storms every year, which can ruin your gutters and impact your home's structure. Our team knows the drill all too well—if your home has damaged gutters after a storm, our contractors can help you get your home back to normal.

If a storm or natural disaster caused broken or sagging gutters,
High Mark Construction is here for you.

Abingdon, MD

Severe winds caused damage to the roof of this home in Abingdon, MD. The steep complex roof was damaged and in need of replacement and our team discovered damage to the gutter system, as well. Our team was able to replace the entire roof, gutters and downspouts in just two days. This was a tough restoration with the steep angle of the roof but our highly trained team worked hard and were able to complete the job in the time frame and to the homeowner's satisfaction.

Harve De Grace, MD

This Harve De Grace home suffered damage due to the age of its gutter system. Our team worked with the owners, providing exceptional customer service, updating their gutters and roof to provide a new clean style. Not only did this project improve the functionality of their drainage, but it also improved the overall look and feel of the home!

Riva, MD

The gutters on this home in Riva, MD were extremely outdated and damaged. The gutter damage was leading to internal and structural damage to the supporting roof. Our team was able to completely replace the old gutter unit and repair the structural damage to the adjoining roof, as seen in the images.  

Harve De Grace, MD

This home in Harve De Grace, MD had outdated and worn down gutters. Our team worked with the homeowner to restore the home to its original glory! Our team provided quality craftsmanship and personal service throughout the duration of the project and the homeowner was thrilled with the end result.