Telling the Difference Between Storm Damage and Installation Damage on Your Roof

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When damage occurs to your roof, the confusion and financial strain that results can be frustrating. Your first priority should be to figure out the cause of your roof damage, so you can move forward efficiently. Here, the Maryland roofing experts at High Mark Construction explain how you can tell the difference between storm damage and installation damage on your roof, and how High Mark Construction can assist in a high-quality roof replacement at little to no cost to you. 

Common Signs of Installation Damage to Your Roof 

If you have paid to have a new roof installed, you expect a quality job that will last for years, and even decades to come. Unfortunately, inexperienced workers can make costly installation mistakes to your roof, leading to an array of problems in the future. Low-quality workmanship can cause cracks and leaks that seep into other areas of your home, leading to extensive damage and additional expenses for you. A common sign of installation damage includes improper underlayment, which can cause water damage and mold growth. In Maryland, each roofing style requires different layers of underlayment, so it is important to ensure that those installing your roof are abiding by state guidelines. 

Additionally, poor flashing installation can cause considerable damage to your home. Flashing provides an extra level of protection to your roof in areas where water runoff may be heavier, helping to keep your roof safe from water damage. Metal flashing can be difficult to install, which is why inexperienced roofers may slather cement on instead. While this prevents water from seeping through for a short period of time, cracks, leaks and additional damage is likely to occur. Finally, your roofer should install a chimney cricket if you have a chimney wider than 30 inches, and failing to do so can lead to debris build up and rotting of your roof. Chimney crickets are used to guide debris around chimneys and off of the roof. Installation issues can lead to increased severity of debris or water damage to your home after storms. If you have suffered storm damage to your home as a result of improper or poor installation, it is important to contact qualified roofing experts, such as those at High Mark Construction for assistance.

Spotting Storm Damage on Your Roof 

Storm damage to your roof can be detrimental, leading to expensive repairs and weeks or even months of construction. Wind, rain, debris and more can cause both exterior and interior damage to the home, and knowing the signs of storm damage in advance can ensure that you seek help quickly, before additional damage is incurred. Wind damage from storms can cause shingles to be ripped off of your roof, and strong winds can cause trees or debris to fall onto your roof or siding, leading to additional damage. Signs that your roof may be damaged from storms include missing shingles, built up debris, clogged gutters, and in severe cases, wet walls or floors as a sign that damage has moved inside your home. 

The Mid-Atlantic, especially Maryland, is known for its ever-changing weather conditions. If you are caught in a severe thunderstorm, heavy rains can wear down your roof as well, causing areas of your roof to warp or break. If not handled quickly, this can lead to water damage and mold inside the home. In the winter months, snow storms have the power to crush your roof if severe enough, as well as cause ice dams which trap water between your roof and heavy ice. Seeking the help of experienced roof repair experts, such as those at High Mark Construction, can provide peace of mind that you are covered through every natural disaster. 

High Mark Construction Offers High-Quality, Affordable Roof Repair Options

At High Mark Construction, integrity is our motto. We provide excellent service and high-quality craftsmanship in every project we take on, helping your home remain protected. We help families and businesses move through the repair process efficiently by working directly with insurance companies so that you can have your property repaired without suffering financial damage. We offer no-strings attached inspections that provide a comprehensive overview of damages, giving you the confidence to move through repairs with ease. If you have suffered damage to your roof through storms or faulty installation, contact our Harford County roof repair team today